Faces of Nursing

For many in healthcare 2020 was a true test of their expertise and loyalty to their profession. Nurses have been on the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19 and even as we progress toward better therapeutics and promising vaccines, the effect of this the crisis will be long lasting on the minds of many nurses. In the early days of the pandemic, doctors, nurses and all healthcare professionals were named as heroes and were met at the end of each shift by fire engine sirens, thunderous applause, and cheers by thousands of people. As time wore on, however, the sirens and applause would die out and although recognition isn’t necessary to due their job, the documentary and awareness series will act as a reminder of why their efforts are so important. 

Although the pandemic may act as the catalyst for the May 2021 nurses week the Faces of Nursing documentary and awareness campaign, it is a project that is well overdue considering the impact nurses have had in healthcare over the past 100 years in Houston and surrounding areas. The project highlights 100 years of professional, compassionate and often heroic service unique within the Gulf Coast Region and will be distributed in a primetime PBS special broadcast, within nursing clubs and association, as well as social media and YouTube daily Podcasts.  

The FACES of NURSING presents its first project titled Nursing History–Houston, is produced by DIREC Educational Programming and partners with local nursing clubs, associations, and individuals willing to participate.

History of Nursing – Houston.

Research and the development of contributing history, photos, films, artifacts, are being gathered from local historic organizations, libraries, hospitals, institutions of learning, and and individuals. The initial development was provided by broadcast producer Jon Lindgren and Texas Nurses Association District 9 volunteers that identified eight areas of focus to help better define nursing's unique history throughout Houston and surrounding areas. This regional nursing history conveys nursing roles in community, education, research contributions, technology, diversity, disaster relief, military, politics, and The Texas Medical Center. For additional information visit facesofnursing.org

This insightful project will include the most prominent hospitals and recognized healthcare leaders in the Houston area. By conveying the history and spirit of nursing the project broad reach to both the healthcare professional and the general audience, and will have a lasting impact for institutions of learning, clubs, and associations who can orientate new students and members now and for years to come. 

The program content is divided into short and long-form segments for distribution. Shorter segments design for high frequency in social media outlets, act as the awareness campaign to the nursing profession and a secondary promotion for the broadcast. Although there are sponsored commercials to promote the broadcast these online social media segments by local nurses convey why they became a nurse in the first place and what keeps their passion alive is the heart of the message and will build trust and interest in the  broadcast. The History of Nursing–Houston is a six part 30-minute documentary series will be broadcast nightly through nurses week to reach the greater general audience in Houston and countries throughout the Gulf Coast Region.