TNA District 9 Nurses Broadcast Special

For many healthcare professionals, the TNA annual recognition of nurses is a tradition that has brought well-deserved attention to nurses who have truly made a difference in the industry as well as in the lives of many patients and families. This year, in addition to the TNA honoree banquet, a special broadcast feature spanning 100 years of nursing will also recognize nurses, and we welcome your participation. 

Research Team

The TNA "District 9 Nurses" Special Broadcast Feature is researched by District 9 members. Thanks to this wonderful group of healthcare professionals who have volunteered their time to this great project.

Sponsor Packages

Through the years, District 9 of TNA has been an advocate for many nurses, through efforts in improving health standards and nursing standards, and now through this broadcast project, which hopes to support the role nurses play every day in people’s lives by publicly showcasing the industry's best patient advocate. The feature will engage today’s industry professionals and hospital partners to tell past and present stories conveying the common theme of 100 years of care.  The broadcast will air on CBS at 8 p.m. Dec 1, 2018, with two weeks of television commercial promotion and many other cross-promotion efforts.