The Story of Texas Ranchers

The COWMEN documentary, with a focus on Texas founding ranching families, reveals the rancher’s past and current role and influence in our nation’s development of land, resources, communities, and the cattle industry. Its underlying theme communicates their ability to feed America through the years despite wars, family feuds, property taxes, water rights and other present day limitations.

The program combines the grit and hard working efforts of the American Cowboy with the insight and drive of the business professional rancher. Ranchers, known as “Cowmen”, have endured much to lead the way for community and national development. Told by historians and Texas ranchers, discover the truth of men and women who believed the American Dream of new beginnings, spiritual freedom and what hard work can accomplish.

By partnering with Texas museums, historic libraries and associations we are able to bring a significant cross promotion to the station’s airtime run through both historic and cattle industry specific communications and social media. This HD documentary shows the Texas country side and hard working Texans from communities throughout the state.

Your sponsorship helps us promote Texas economics in a series of state wide broadcasts. Over the course of the next several years we intend to provide industry specific broadcast programing to also include petroleum, healthcare, education and other developing industries. We purchase the broadcast air-time and two week promotion window to ensure audience reach and saturation. We provide pre-packaged programming, promotional materials and news elements. The program feels like it’s the communities own broadcast, building loyal viewers.