Education creates change for a lifetime.

Real change comes from grassroots efforts of those who are willing to make change, it's that simple. DIREC finds these groups and supports their efforts.

DIREC Educational Programming is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is an acronym for Distributors of Intelligent and Revolutionary Equipment and Content. Located in Stafford, Texas.

DIREC was founded by Jon Lindgren to accommodate a more social relevant form of specialized education and distribution. This is accomplished by developing and keeping education content current and delivering that content in a means that best fits a specific target demographic. It was Lindgren's personal experience in healthcare that started this quest, “I never really knew the extent of the damage I suffered from a concussion until more than a decade later. Too often, people lack the understanding, support, and resources during and after a health issue to recover properly." Nurses and other clinicians serve by treating a high turnover of patients each day, which takes a great deal of effort and focus, one that should not be also be required to be the sole educator. In addition to lack of time there was and is, for most hospitals, no real easy method or tools to provide the patient necessary education. DIREC developing a learning platform that delivers education to in-room televisions, iPads, and a patient's personal phone to greatly improve communications and learning. Creating a method that facilitates a better understanding of diagnosis and procedure specific to a patient's stay, we assist them on their recovery journey and become partners with amazing healthcare professionals.

DIREC partners with others to examine undeveloped areas of education in specific people groups to identify the most current method of education and the most appropriate form of distribution. For hospitals, our partnership meant providing knowledge and resources to people during a very serious health crisis in their life. This is a perfect start and example of being a valuable tool for those needing specialized communications for their unique situation or circumstance. User accessibly is a major component in the education development and strategy for reaching underdeveloped learning for specific demographics. It is this accomplishment that projects our objectives and directs us on the partnership path in education made significant with a two prog approach that the designated distribution is part of the that could not have been as meaningful without

A multi-platform media organization, DIREC serves hospitals, schools, and the general public through television, mobile devices, the web, and ancillary materials.

For its medical programming, DIREC receives counsel from an advisory board that includes members from the hospitals we serve, national health foundations and associations, community leaders, and DIREC personnel. Our team includes healthcare professionals, IT technicians, communications and marketing specialists, and broadcast producers.


Distributors of Intelligent and Revolutionary Equipment and Content

Our Goal

Create positive change through comprehension communication and education.

  • Healing Veterans

    “Healing Campaign for Veterans” video recovery series for head trauma, burn injuries, loss of limbs, and torso wounds.

  • TNA District 9 Nurses documentary

    The unique story of the Gulf Coast Region will be told in a special one-hour primetime broadcast in 10 Texas counties.

  • hospital sponsorships

    Patients and families learn about their illness, procedures, community resources, and best recovery practices after discharge.