Education creates change for a lifetime.

If you have a solution to a problem, let us help you communicate that message electronically.

DIREC Educational Programming is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is an acronym for Distributors of Intelligent and Revolutionary Equipment and Content. Located in Sugar Land, Texas.

DIREC was founded by Jon Lindgren to accommodate specialized education and distribution through broadcast and online outlets. Providing video production and experience to qualified educators focusing on specific demographics allows for intelligent and many times revolutionary communication outcomes. Although we develop content for general audiences, we find nonprofits with a focus on education, become our best partners for measurable results.

DIREC partners to examine undeveloped areas of education in specific people groups, identify the most current method of education for that group, and help finds the most effective distribution for engagement.

A multi-platform media organization, DIREC currently serves in healthcare, law enforcement, schools, and the general public through television, mobile devices, the web, and app creation.

For its medical programming, DIREC receives counsel from an advisory board that includes members from the hospitals we serve, national health foundations and associations, community leaders, and DIREC personnel. Our team includes healthcare professionals, IT technicians, communications and marketing specialists, and broadcast producers.

Jon Lindgren

Founder and Executive Producer

In 2020, when COVID 19 restrictions and limitations were in full swing Jon produced over 40 training videos for nurses when medical staff was exhausted and communication was limited. 20 training videos for law enforcement to help deal with the rise intensity in domestic violence calls, and close to 100 inspirational videos for the spiritual care of medical staff. Producing hundreds of programs to better engage the viewer with interactive communications, to strengthen relationships, and to improve the quality of life.

Jon is a 30-year broadcast producer, award-winning filmmaker, director, and creative marketing executive.  He founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company in 1995. He has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 first place Tribeca Short Film Festival Award for his short film, “An Everyday Hero.” His clients have included the national networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS, The Discovery Channel, Sportsmen and Versus Channel. Jon founded Recovery Network Services in 2016 to provide patient education services to hospitals through a hybrid broadcast/mobile platform and is currently producing AR and VR training for Emergency Departments to educate staff on how best to respond to an active shooter event.


Distributors of Intelligent and Revolutionary Equipment and Content

Our Goal

Create positive change through comprehension communication and education.

When clients or partners first realize the best audience for growing their business is within, annual growth and gaining market share become more practical. Organizations spend too much time and money on external marketing, when building their brand internally provides organic growth to improve profitability. Standard marketing is necessary, but building trust and loyalty from within improves core values and creates its own form of viral marketing.

Today recording and video distribution technology is amazing! In the old days hiring a full team, a production truck, and booking satellite time for live TV was the only way, costing tens of thousands of dollars. Now we use all forms of digital cameras for live streaming or broadcast, making communications more affordable than ever before. Yet, now that's it is more affordable, it takes experience and strategy to outsmart the media blitz of accessible videos.

Top image from "What Happens When You Get Caught"
Lower top left: Chris Thrash and Associates, Leadership Training
Top bottom Left: Clevis preforming at Houston Methodist Hospital during the MLK Celebration
Top Right: Jon Lindgren, Founder and Executive Producer

  • Healing Veterans

    “Healing Campaign for Veterans” video recovery series for head trauma, burn injuries, loss of limbs, and torso wounds.

  • TNA District 9 Nurses documentary

    The unique story of the Gulf Coast Region will be told in a special one-hour primetime broadcast in 10 Texas counties.

  • hospital sponsorships

    Patients and families learn about their illness, procedures, community resources, and best recovery practices after discharge.