Great Projects that had Positive Change

Through the years we've worked on some wonderful projects that had real merit.

Over the past 30 years in the marketing & broadcast business I volunteered my services to assist nonprofits communicate their mission, provide visual orientations, and raise endowment. I noticed when a group implemented education as part of my services, true  change was inevitable and was amazing.
Jon Lindgren


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Our Goal

Create positive change through comprehension communication and education.


The Cowmen documentary released on Texas TV stations to celebrated ranching’s heritage. The program is made possible by The L Bar Ranch and The Scharbauer Cattle Company.

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We help hospitals.

Provided a portion of much needs Smart TVs and network cabling to CHI St. Luke's Sugar Land.

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Everyday Heroes

Rachel Scott is an everyday hero.

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Teen DWI Awareness

Providing substance abuse and DWI awareness to high school students through visual explanation.

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